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Definitions for consumer goods are laid down in the German Act on Foodstuffs, Consumer Goods and Feeding Stuff (§ 2 LFGB). These definitions are written extensively and deal with a multitude of product groups from the  field of everyday necessities. Due to their great significance consumer goods coming into contact with food are in the first instance.

Consumer goods coming into contact with foodstuffs

By that, such objects are meant which are coming into contact with foodstuffs during production, preparation, storage or packaging. This includes plates, cups, glasses, cutlery, cooking pots or spoons, pans, bowls, bottles, artificial teats for babies, rubber seals, coffee filters, baking papers or packaging materials like plastic films or bags, paper bags, pipes or hoses, sealants, tins, drink cans, domestic appliances, machinery for food production, transport containers, e.g.

Equal to those consumer goods before the law are such product groups, the use of which is common practice in households.

Consumer goods coming into contact with the body/joke articles/toys

Packaging and containers for cosmetics or for tobacco products like shampoo bottles, plastic containers for cream, cigarette filters and papers as well as tobacco tins.

Articles coming into contact with the mucous membranes of the mouth like dummies or pacifiers for babies, toothbrushes, toothpicks, mouthpieces of musical instruments.

Articles for personal hygiene like combs or electric shavers.

Toys and joke articles for children and adults like soft-toys, dolls, toy building blocks, crayons, plasticine, toy cars, streamer sprays, games of every stripe.

Articles coming into contact with the body for a longer space of time like articles of clothing, bedclothes, shoes, bracelets, spectacle frames, baby's diapers and jewellery.

Detergents, maintenance products and impregnants intended for domestic requirement, i. e. multi purpose cleaners, shoe and furniture polishs, leather impregnating agents e. g.

Air freshener or insecticides for interior rooms of the house like insect strips, air fresheners, perfume oils. 

Pharmaceuticals and medical devices are explicitly no consumer goods. 

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